Areas of Application

ODIN can be built in various locations including apartments, building rooftops, islands, industrial facilities, and ship decks. It can be also used as a transmission tower. As it can be directly installed in various places where electricity is needed, it dramatically reduces the cost of transmission and can be used as a stable and sufficient energy source even in mountains, islands, and deserts without external supply of electricity.

High voltage power lines of traditional transmission towers are detrimental to health and damage the scenic view, causing local residents to object to them. ODIN can be an ideal alternative to traditional transmission towers because its low voltage causes no health hazards and it can provide local residents with multiple benefits such as community space and low electric cost.

In underdeveloped countries with scarce electricity, ODIN can provide much needed electricity. The electricity generated by ODIN can be used to run a hospital, school, and water treatment facility in the lower part of the tower. This can significantly improve quality of life for people with insufficient power.

  • 01 - Residential & Commercial Areas
  • 02 - Islands
  • 03 - Other Areas

Residential & Commercial Areas