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Promotional Videos for ODIN ENERGY Next Generation Vertical Axis Wind Power System "Odin"

The power of wind is practically unlimited. With the growing needs of society and advances in technology, the world is now recognizing the importance of wind as a source of energy.
Wind power has become more important than ever, thanks to its higher efficiency and reliability compared to other alternative renewable energy sources. Generating energy through wind, however, is not without its challenges. To be harnessed as energy, wind must be going in a certain direction at sufficient speed. A properly sized power transmission infrastructure is also needed to send power to where it is needed.
At ODIN ENERGY, we conducted extensive research and testing to create 'ODIN', a next-generation wind-power system that can overcome these environmental limitations and challenges of harnessing wind energy.

The superior efficiency of ODIN comes from its unique technical principles.
ODIN takes various types of wind against the tower and uses the difference in wind pressure to generate energy. In the first step, it sucks the wind due to the pressure difference between the outside and inside of the tower. The next step involves converging the air in the shape of a funnel and increasing the wind speed. Finally, it further increases the wind speed using the vortex created on the other side of the tower. This allows ODIN to generate power by using wind blowing at no more than 3.5m/sec., and frequent changes in wind direction do not cause the turbine to oscillate and lose power.
This results in more than 4 times higher power output and 80 times more efficiency in terms of facility size than existing wind-power systems.
ODIN is designed as a multi-layer structure to accommodate power consumption and use. In addition, the use of ESS (Energy Storage System) and EMS (Energy Management System) makes it the perfect system for supporting the smart grid.

In addition to its superior efficiency in energy conversion, ODIN solved the problems in existing wind-power plants.
Firstly, the blade is located inside the tower for significantly reduce noise and vibration. This allows it to be installed in buildings in urban or residential areas.
Secondly, ODIN is designed as a dual-end supported structure for maximum stability. As a result, the structure can generate power with wind blowing over 25m/sec.
Thirdly, its multi-layer structural design enables independent generation of power on each layer, and there is no need to shut down the entire production due to partial failure. This significantly improves the operation rate.
Fourthly, the system is easy to repair and maintain at a minimum cost, allowing the use of a winch or other hoist thanks to the use of a highly stable vertical axis. Because of this, ODIN boasts of very low failure rate.
Finally, the first and second floors of ODIN can be used for various purposes while its rooftop can be reserved for solar panels for additional power generation.

ODIN offers a number of advantages and benefits, and it can be directly built anywhere, including residential and office buildings, parks, golf courses, commercial facilities, transmission towers, and ships in response to demand. The system can accommodate a wide variety of uses and purposes while dramatically reducing transmission cost. Its independent and stable power generation makes it an ideal energy source in harsh or isolated environments such as mountains and islands.
ODIN is the perfect solution for developing countries in need of energy, and it can help improve people's quality of life in surrounding communities as the first and second floors of the facilities can be used for various purposes such as LED botanical gardens, hospitals, schools, and water treatment facilities.

In response to the new paradigm of producing and using energy in the same place, ODIN has been developed to be the most eco-friendly and efficient system. With ODIN, ODIN ENERGY will lead the development of the next generation renewable energy industry and pave the way for future sustainability through technical innovation and breakthroughs.
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