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Notice On February 24, ODIN had a briefing session on ODIN technology for the establishment of ODIN cluster and the production of ODIN products, organized by Chairman Kim Yeong-il of Gunsan-City Council. Attended by Energy Director of Saemangeun Authority, President of Kunsan National University, President of JBC, major enterprises of the Saemangeum Industrial Complex, and several experts of related R&D institutions, there was a consensus to pursue ODIN actively. 2023-03-03
Notice ODIN had a meeting with Indian Embassy officials in Korea on February 23, attended by Mr. Surinder Bhagat, Deputy Chief of Mission, and Mr. Swapnil Devidas Thorat, Second Secretary for Commerce & Investment. At the meeting, ODIN introduced ODIN technology for possible technology transfer to India. 2023-03-02
Notice On January 27, a meeting was held between Marti Matas, deputy head of the Embassy of Estonia in Korea, and Soo-Yun Song, vice president of ODIN Energy, to discuss the ways to transfer ODIN technology to Estonia. The deputy head appreciated ODIN technology and promised to introduce positively ODIN to the Estonian government and enterprises for fruitful results.(2023.01.27) 2023-01-31
Notice Through a video conference with the CEO & management of GreenLab in Australia on January 24, ODIN and GreenLab agreed to install one prototype in Gippsland, Australia by applying the generator developed by GreenLab to the ODIN wind pressure tower.(2023.01.24.) 2023-01-31
Notice Signed an MOU with G.M. Mahalei, CEO of GMS INNOVENTURES in India, to install 4 major models of Odin Towers in the Indian market for one year(2022.12.23) 2022-12-26
Notice Agree to proceed with investment and M&A with CBIZ MHM LLC in the U.S (2022.11.24) 2022-11-25
Notice Participated in the Asia Clean Energy Summit (ACES)-2022 exhibition in Singapore and received a lot of attention (22.10.26-27) 2022-10-26
Notice Having a video conference with Indonesian state-owned construction company WKI (WASKITA KARYA Infrastrukture) DirektorBusiness & Strategy Adi Sturisno, we recognized the need for ODIN technology for the construction of the new capital of Kalimantan and the island area, and decided to sign an MOU and proceed with full-scale discussions.(2022.09.15.) 2022-09-16
Notice Tanzania SAG (STEP ALLIANCE GROUP) Group CEO Kenneth and Odin Energy Middle East and Africa Business Head Mohamed Alsarraf signed an MOU for ODIN technology transfer (202.09.13.) 2022-09-16
Notice ODIN executed a Joint Venture Agreement (company name: Taiwan ODIN Energy Science Co., Ltd.) with Taiwan Jhung mao Development Co., Ltd. in order to pursue ODIN business in Taiwan including electric vehicle charging tower, tourist tower, and Kinmen energy self-reliance island projects.(2022.08.31) 2022-08-31
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