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Notice List
No Title Date
Notice Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Smart City Alignment Subcommittee Meeting (2020.07.07) 2020-07-17
Notice Consultation with Saudi Arabia's Binzafrah Group on the promotion of a joint smart city project (2019.12.10) 2019-12-10
Notice Technical Presentation of Odin at the Energy Revolution Forum in Yangquan City, China (19.11.21) 2019-11-22
Notice Investment Consultations Meeting with Mayor and Key Executives in Yangquan City, China (19.11.21) 2019-11-22
Notice China's national coal company executives and investment consultation with the 'China Navally'(19.11.19) - Odin's strategy advisor C.C.Chan Academician("ACTIC"), CEO, Inventor 2019-11-22
Notice Introduction of ODIN for 'energy, transportation' problem solving technology in “Smart City Convergence Alliance National Assembly Concert” (19.07.02) 2019-07-04
Notice Investment consultation with Odin and Saudi government officials at the request of Saudi Investment Authority SAGIA 2019-06-26
Notice Mou Sign for construction of Landmark Tower and joint venture with MkD company (2019.6.9) 2019-06-13
Notice Pre-consultation on the construction of Odin Tower, a theme park for Yongbong Sujin 2019-04-23
Notice 이수성 , a newly joined member of the ODIN's advisory committee, the former Prime Minister of Korea 2019-01-22
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