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Notice List
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Notice Meeting with Saudi government sustainability and competitiveness advisor Ali Adnan Ibrahim to discuss how to introduce ODIN technology and enter Saudi Arabia and have been asked to supply 20 GW to Riyadh within five years.(2024.03.11) 2024-03-13
Notice Online meeting with Yao Zheng, co-founder of Wuxi Innovation Investment Group, and Michel Chen, CEO of Canada's Cinopass Capital on equity investment in ODIN (2024.03.06.) 2024-03-07
Notice Online meeting with officials of The National Power Corporation (NPC) of the Philippine Power Corporation on how to promote ODIN demonstration projects (2024.03.05.) 2024-03-07
Notice Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister visits the ODIN exhibition booth at the RE Conference in Thailand.(23.12.03)(MOU signed between local partner company Hercules and the Thai government) 2023-12-14
Notice Video conference with Bangladesh Summit Group Mozammel and three others on ODIN introduction and business cooperation plans(23.12.12) 2023-12-14
Notice China's Central Government Village Invitation attended an event on the transfer of new energy technology and emphasized the need to introduce Odin technology to China (August 29, 23) - Attended by Kim Yeon-hwan, head of China's business division 2023-08-30
Notice China's Xinhua News Agency and five other newspapers reported the introduction of Odin Technology (23.07.16) 2023-07-28
Notice Participated in the ‘Carbon Neutral Innovative Company K-Demo Day’ hosted by KOTRA, KIC, and Zhongguancun International Incubator held in Beijing, China, and presented technology and held investment consultations with 12 companies.(23.06.20) 2023-06-23
Notice TEKTiTE_DE2023_Conference Announces Odin's Technology (2023.03.29) 2023-03-30
Notice On February 24, ODIN had a briefing session on ODIN technology for the establishment of ODIN cluster and the production of ODIN products, organized by Chairman Kim Yeong-il of Gunsan-City Council. Attended by Energy Director of Saemangeun Authority, President of Kunsan National University, President of JBC, major enterprises of the Saemangeum Industrial Complex, and several experts of related R&D institutions, there was a consensus to pursue ODIN actively. 2023-03-03
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