Wind is an unlimited and the cleanest source of energy among renewable energies.
It has, however, shortcomings of limited installation locations and environmental
constraints. It requires expensive transmission infrastructures due to the distance
between the sites of power generation and demand because it requires a minimum
wind speed of 7 m/s in a constant direction and a large area of land for installation.

ODIN is the next generation high efficiency wind power system
that has overcome the shortcomings and limitations of existing
wind power technology. By creating a vortex based on the difference
in wind pressure, it can generate power using the breeze blowing at
no more than 3.5 m/s despite frequent change in wind direction.

Furthermore, the exterior of the system resembles a building
and has very stable construction, allowing it to be built in downtown
areas or on building rooftops.

ODIN can produce at least 4 times more electricity than existing
wind power systems while taking up only 1/80 of the space that
they require.
You can install solar panels in the south side and
on the rooftop of a tower to continue to generate power even
when there is no wind blowing.

Now, we need a new paradigm in which each area can produce and
consume its own electricity.
ODIN meets such needs, being eco-friendly, efficient, and economical.

Creative Scientific Technology Solution to 3 Problems Facing Humanity ODIN

Renewable Energy Development
fossil fuel depletion & nuclear disaster
Prevention of Global Warming
environmental destruction by greenhouse gas
Driving Force for New Growth
stagnation of existing industries